Made this little fox from a sketch I drew in my last year of high-school. In case you’re interested this little guy is on my society6 and I have to say it looks really cute on a tote bag. Plus free worldwide shipping today!
 Made a little Leafeon from some leaves I’ve pressed recently. I’ve been pressing a lot of flowers and leaves lately in hopes of using them for future artwork and projects and stuffs.
 Found a little drawing of Ringo that I drew quite a while ago. I draw him much cuter than should be legal.
 The Fab Four everyone!
 Colored a sketch of Jake that I drew while I was in Europe. Glad I came back before the Fourth of July to see the fireworks.
(•w• )
 A drawing I made for my friend for her birthday. Apparently we share the same birthday. What are the odds?
 Drew John today.
 Look at this little dork.
 So, I heard you liek mudkips.