Colored a sketch of Jake that I drew while I was in Europe. Glad I came back before the Fourth of July to see the fireworks.
(•w• )
 A drawing I made for my friend for her birthday. Apparently we share the same birthday. What are the odds?
 Drew John today.
 Look at this little dork.
 So, I heard you liek mudkips.
 Ok. So originally this was supposed to be a GIF with Jade floating up and down with sparks of lightning coming from her hand but every time I uploaded it to tumblr the animation froze so now I just uploaded a png version of one of the frames so yeah.
 A birthday present I gave for a friend last summer. It was a bit last minute so Dirk looks kinda wonky. At least the colors look good. Maybe I’ll fix this piece later…
 Started re-watching Danny Phantom. I’m already past episode 12.